Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida

The annual Lake Asbury Lake Lot Owners Association annual dues are $50 per lot.  Invoices are mailed each December.  Please note that late fees and interest apply to payments received after February 28.

Many important activities and responsibilities are funded with your dues, including the maintenance of the boat ramps/parking area, general operating expenses of the association, and our efforts to keep access to our lakes strictly limited to our LALLOA members and their families and guests, all of which result in the preservation of your property values.  

The Key/Decal Agreement and Application must also be returned if you desire a ramp key or boat decal.  Locks are typically rekeyed around March 8 or 9 each year.

Visitor passes are required for any water vessel belonging to non-members including any business work vessels. All visitors must provide evidence of insurance.