Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida
  1. Meetings to start at 6:30 p.m.
  2. Lake Residents on good standing will be ask to sign in before meeting.
  3. Lake Residents that have a question will be ask to fill out form before meeting, if you have not please ask question at next meeting.
  4. We will hold meeting then go thru questions.
  5. Persons in audience will be ask not to speak (answer questions). If they do they will be ask to refrain from speaking, 2nd time they will be ask to please step outside. We need to have control of meetings so they do not get out of hand.
  6. Our meetings should not last longer than one hour unless voted on by board.
  7. We need to enforce our rules on lending out a key, letting non residents on lake without a visitor pass, not having relatives put the lake owners address in drivers license so they can get around our rules. We do have the authority to not issue a key to violator the next year.
  8. We need to go ahead as usual with mailing out form to pay dues and receive key, but we need for the lake owner to come to the community building ( a board member will be there four Saturday’s in March) we need to have the homeowner sign a form stating that if they break the Lake Rules they could lose key privileges. This is legal and binding per our Deeds and Convents.  This way we will have a signed one and they will have a copy for themselves so hopefully they won’t break the rules.
  9. We need to look into hiring a off duty sheriff to patrol our dams from time to time and if person is not a lake resident he can confiscate the key. We need to make sure each lake owner knows the lake rules also as they are broken every day and is extremely dangerous ( going wrong way, too close to wakes, docks, swimmers etc.). Each board member should have a update paid list of residents.
  10. We need to post some of the concerns in LakeLighter and our Newsletter.
  11. We need to ask residents to please contact sheriff if they see anyone putting a paddle boat, kayak (anything) onto dam or fishing, these are causing damage to our dams and create a liability on Lake Residents. We need to let residents know if a boat with a damaging wake causes any damage to their water crafts, docks, bulkheads they need to take a picture of the boat, FL number showing wake and their damage, this is a State of Florida law and owner of the boat could be responsible for any damages. Also seeing any underage children on jet skis or driving boats or golf carts under age of 14 please get FL number off water crafts ( no need for carts) contact sheriffs office, it is a state law.

We have rules, Deeds and Covents and we as a community with our Beautiful Lakes need to obey them.  We are very fortunate to live on these lakes and we need to care for our area and not abuse it.