Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida

District Engineer

LAMSBD District Engineer: Mike Kelter, Legacy Civil Engineers, Inc.

Find up to date information from the contractor regarding the South Lake Asbury Improvement Project. (SLAIP)

Click Here for information regarding the South Lake Asbury Improvements Project (SLAIP)


 legacylogo_halfClick Here for Legacy Civil Engineer’s reports not related to the South Dam Improvements Projec Information regarding the Lake Draw Down Process

Click on the SJRWMD permitting portal link below to see the up to date permits filed.


Follow these instructions:

You will see four boxes.  Leave the first two boxes blank.
a.    In the box labeled “APPLICATION/PERMIT #”   type in the following numbers:  130559
b.    In the box labeled “SEQ #” type in the following number:  1
c.    Click the button labeled SUBMIT
d.    The e-Permitting page for your project will open.  On the bottom box on the left side of the page you will find the Permit Number:  4-019-130559-1. 
e.    Click this number.  On the bottom of the page that opens you will see listed all documents and files submitted to date.

SJRWMD permitting portal

Spillover Ribbon Cutting

SLAIP Construction Photos

image of spillage from the South LakeAsbury Side
Spillway from the South lake Asbury side

Image of trapezoidal spillway at Lake Asbury
A 10,000 pound section of the
articulation block for the reinforced
trapezoidal spillway being placed
into position.

Image of Lake Asbury Spillway Overview
Spillway Overview

Project Description Details