Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida

by John Krainiak

Most car and motorcycle enthusiasts know of the “The Tail of the Dragon” in North Carolina, 11 miles of road with 318 turns.   Lake Asbury has a scaled down version, “The Tail of the Gecko” we have 8 miles and 31 turns.  But the Golf Cart enthusiasts of Clay County Fl. will take what they can get.

The first Lake Asbury Summer Fun Gecko Ride 2017, gathered up 16 carts, and 40 plus adults????? to conquer the Gecko.  The ride lasted almost 1 hour with stops for pictures,  water pistols fights, refill adult beverages, and for no reason at all.  Gecko stickers now adorn the carts of all who survived the trek and lived to tell the “Tail”.

We ended up at Boondocks for lunch, liquid entertainment, lies, and plans for the next adventure.  SOOOOOO, coming in October, The First Annual Lake Asbury Fall Halloween, Trick or Drink ride. I’m sure we developed precise plans for the Fall adventure, but for some reason, I don’t remember them.

See you there!!