Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida

The annual Lake Asbury Lake Lot Owners Association, Inc., dues are $50 per lot of lake front property.  Invoices are mailed to each property owner in mid to late December of each year. These $50 annual dues are payable effective January 1 of each year.

Many important activities and responsibilities are funded with your dues, including the maintenance of the boat ramps/parking area, general operating expenses of the association, and our efforts to keep access to our lakes strictly limited to our LALLOA members and their families and guests, all of which result in the preservation of your property values.

Please note that the late fee and interest apply to payments received after February 28.

Each year, the Key/Decal Agreement and Application must also be returned if you desire a  ramp key or boat decal.  Annually, the locks will be rekeyed in early March and only members who have paid their annual dues will be issued a new key and decal(s).

Click here for the Key/Decal Agreement.

Home Owners Dues – Late Fees, Collections and Liens

It is the responsibility of the Lake Asbury Lake Lot Owners Association’s Board of directors to collect the annual dues (Article II Section 10a and Article VI Section 1).   Over the past years our LALLOA Board  has maintained a fairly good collection rate on its dues. This has contributed to our neighborhood’s success and growth. Thank you!

The annual dues are so very important to our lake front community to pay for items such as the upkeep of the common properties, the ramps and gates, keys and locks.  We take pride in our Lake Asbury lakes.

To be fair to the majority of homeowners who pay their dues timely and  regularly, the following guidelines will be used in regards to delinquent accounts:

Late Fees:   Payments received after February 28 of each year are assessed a late fee of $25 per lot.

Interest:   Payments received after February28 of each year are assessed an interest rate.  Interest will accrue as of March 1st on the unpaid balances at a rate of 1.5% per month or 18% annually.  Interest will be assessed on the 1st day of each month beginning April 1st.

Lien Fees:    A lien will be filed with the Clay County Clerk of Court if a balance remains after a 45 day demand letter has been issued (Fla. Stat. Ann. § 720.3085(4)). All costs incurred by LALLOA associated with the lien will be added to the delinquent homeowner’s account. The lien will prohibit a homeowner from selling or refinancing the home/lot until the obligation to LALLOA is satisfied. The lien will be cancelled upon receipt of full payment.

Click here to read the full Delinquency Collections Policy.