Lake Asbury Green Cover Springs, Florida

Lake Asbury Lake Lot Owners Association

Your Association was established and registered in the State of Florida, December 1975.  Although Florida laws governing Home Owners Associations have changed over the years, we, your HOA has not.  We remain committed to represent, assist, and support all our Lake Lot Owners.  

Florida Statute, Title XL, Real and Personal Property, Chapter 720.301, defines “Homeowners’ Association” as a Florida corporation responsible for the operation of a community or mobile home subdivision in which the voting membership is made up of parcel owners…  The term “homeowners’ association” does not include a community development district or other similar special taxing district created pursuant to statute.

Florida Wildlife Commission
Yes, they have a key to the boat ramps.

A copy of the Florida Boater Safety Rules are posted in the “Document” section of this web site.

For the anglers on the lake; legal size fish rules apply.  And those using a cast net, it is illegal to catch and keep bait fish that are purchased for any of our lakes.

Most everyone carries a camera phone with them; so please don’t give your neighbors a reason to take your picture.

Boat Courtesies

Yes, it’s true, you, as a boat operator own the wake your boat or personal watercraft creates.

The smaller coves, or fingers, on Lake Asbury and South Lake Asbury are “No Wake” zones.

If the wake from your boat causes any damage to personal property within 100ft of your vessel then you are or could be held responsible for that damage.

Please be aware of how close you come to boats tied to docks and boats floating in slips. Be courteous ofyour neighbor’s boat & property.